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Supporting Local Food Sovereignty

Farmacy Coop

Farmacy Co-op was launched in Bakewell in February 2020.  We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise that has a big vision – but has prioritised secure access to locally produced organic food & natural essential items.  This includes a people-owned distribution network that connects local communities all over the country.  We are helping to create local economic systems that provide food security, improve our health & wellbeing, regenerate our ecosystems and allow communities to thrive & that are resilient to any crisis.

The produce we deliver is certified organic – grown without chemical pesticides & non-genetically modified.
We aim to source our produce from local organic farmers as much as possible to support the localisation of food production rather than corporate food dependence.
Not For Profit
We have no shareholders – created with a legal requirement & purpose is to focus on social & environmental benefit. We’re a not-for-profit business – social enterprise – whose financial surplus (profit) goes back into the project so we can serve the community better & our mission can expand across other communities.
We believe in democracy at work and community ownership. We also want to cooperate & collaborate with other like-minded organisations. Co-ops also offer the decentralisation of power & control.

Building a resilient future

Our Vision

Imagine a future where humanity and the planet flourish together.
Where power is de-centralised and in the hands of local communities.
Where local economic systems improve our health and wellbeing, regenerate our ecosystems, and allow communities to thrive!
We believe in that future!

See below for a video presentation recorded on 16th Dec 2022 covering our vision, strategy and plans for 2023.

People Powered ~ Become one of the Team

Help Us Expand for Rewards

We are in the process of expanding our national distribution network
to serve all of the UK. It will eventually become a separate not-for-profit logistical Co-op that is owned by
its members, i.e you & the communities that use it.  Until that infrastructure is in place, we are growing organically wherever the
demand, drivers and collection point coordinators allow.

You can secure points towards your boxes by helping us to grow our network.

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Credits for Promoting Us

  • You can help promote the Farmacy’s services and vision in return for credits towards your box of choice. Enquire below to learn more on how to help grow awareness and customers in your area, and benefit from our reward schemes.
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Credits for Volunteering

  • Growing our distribution capabilities is key, we offer rewards for volunteer drivers, packers and collection point coordinators. Enquire below if you’d like to learn more about becoming a point of positive contact in your community.
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Becoming a Pioneer

  • Many people have offered us support by becoming Pioneers & Community Pioneers in return for a range of privileges & discounts.  Learn more about becoming a Pioneer & owner members of future cooperatives in your area.
Supporting Farmers Supporting Us

The Power is in the People

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