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Supporting Organic British Farmers

Home Delivered Organic Fruit & Vegetables
and Essential Items

Farmacy Coop is a not-for-profit, social enterprise offering secure access to organic produce and essentials, while building community-owned, people-powered,  resilient local and national networks of ethically produced food, goods and services.
Together we can build the demand for local, organic, healthy food; build your local food security; and support farmers in transitioning to regenerative farming methods.

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Boxes Every 2 Weeks

Explore our range of Organic produce and ethically sourced essentials; including British Produce and create your own boxes.  Collect from one of our collection points or have it delivered to your home.

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Volunteer Journey

Enjoy our library of healthy, tasty, vegetarian recipes,  offering some culinary inspiration to make use of the seasonal produce included in our boxes. Please feel free to add to the library.

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Farmacy Coop Future

Help us build a future of community-owned, people-powered, grassroots action focused on building resilient local and national networks of ethically produced food, goods and services

Join us in building a more secure future

What makes Farmacy Coop different?

Building local food security

Why order from us?..

We are not a typical veg box scheme. While delivering you the highest quality food available we are simultaneously building a secure nationwide, people-owned, sustainable support system connecting farms, food producers, community hubs and the people.
By ordering from us you are:

  • Supporting our British farmers
  • ¬†Supporting the development of community-empowering coops
  • ¬†¬†Encouraging environmentally sound methods of farming
  • ¬†Strengthening the security of your own local food supply
  • ¬†¬†Receiving the freshest most nutritious food available
  • Obtaining discounted produce through our subscription offer

Building Food Security

Farmacy Coop Vision for the Future

Ours is an ambitious, but much needed, vision of community-owned, people-powered, grassroots action, focused on building resilient local and national networks of ethically produced food, goods and services that are regenerative…and you are all an essential part of that vision!

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Community Coop Hubs
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National Logistics Coop
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Local Services
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Community Coop Farms

Join the Team

Receive rewards for helping us
expand our network.

There are many ways you can help us to grow in return for rewards towards organic produce
and essential items, along with the rewards that come from being a positive point of contact
for customers in your community.