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Ways To Get Involved

Ours is an ambitious, but much needed, vision of community-owned, people-powered, grassroots action, focused on building resilient local and national networks of ethically produced food, goods and services that are regenerative…and you are all an essential part of that vision!

Our goal is to provide the support, guidance and networks needed to grow a national support system built by the people to serve the people. Our staged approach is focused on supporting you in making a difference within your community which supports us in making a big difference nationally.

There are many ways you can help us to grow in return for rewards towards organic produce and essential items, along with the rewards that come from being a positive point of contact for customers in your community.

  • Would you like to promote us in return for free food & essential items?
  • Are you a local producer that would like to join us?
  • Do we deliver to your area?  If not, why not help us get this going.
  • Do you want to volunteer as a local driver in return for free food & essential items, or do you know someone who would?
  • Can you offer your home as a Collection Point?  Convenient for you & lots of benefits.  
  • Do you know a local organisation that could serve as a Collection Point?  Pub, social club, cafe, church etc..
  • Are you a group keen to develop community connections to grow into a Community Hub?

However you may feel inspired to help, your support is vital and deeply appreciated.

We are in the process of expanding our national distribution network to serve all of the UK. It will eventually become a separate not-for-profit logistical Co-op that is owned by its members, i.e you & the communities that use it.

Could you (or someone you know) be one of our drivers?  We’ll plan out the route and email you all the information.  We will pay for petrol and give you a large box of organic fruit & veg as a thank you.  Depending on how many boxes you deliver, we will also pay extra towards your time.  Customers pay a shipping fee and all this money goes towards our drivers.

  • Regular drivers will be given complimentary membership to our subscription service

  • Drivers also get a 10% discount on all additional boxes and items

  • As a thank you for helping, we will give you “Credits” – the more deliveries the more Credits – that can be used towards free boxes and discount codes for additional items

  • Community Leader – meet everyone in your area wanting to create the solutions

If this sounds interesting to you then please get in touch and, we’ll send you more detailed information on what would be required and what you could receive in return.

Connecting Communities

Becoming a Farmacy Driver

Expanding Our Network

Collection Point Coordinator

Farmacy Co-op’s ability to expand our distribution network nationally, is reliant upon our Drivers, Collection Points (CP) and Collection Point Coordinators.  Collection Points are a very important part of our strategy that will allow us to create secure access, community connections & local infrastructure.

If you know of a suitable public building or business, or you would offer your home as either a private collection point for friends and families, or publicly to Farmacy customers then please get in touch to find out more.

A CP Coordinator is a volunteer role with many benefits.  Along side credits towards free produce and essential items, they are responsible for meeting the incoming delivery driver and coordinating with the customers that are coming to collect, so this role offers a great opportunity to meet like minded people and become a point of positive contact in your community.

There are many ways you can help to promote us, from posting on social media, to flyering at events, on high-streets, through local household letterboxes, or simply by chatting to neighbours and friends. 

To thank you for your time and effort we have created a credit reward scheme that can be used towards produce and essential items.

If you are interested in joining our team promoting our services and vision, click the button below and we’ll then send you more detailed information on ways to help grow awareness and customers in your area, and benefit from our Rewards Program towards free organic produce and essential items.

Promoting Us

Spread The Word

Supporting Our Work

Becoming a Pioneer

Our pioneers are members of our online community that have felt inspired to join our mission and support our growth by donating financial support, and many are also offering their time to help us expand by volunteering for various essential roles such as drivers or collection point coordinators.

There are many benefits to joining the team as a pioneer including a range of rewards and discounts, and becoming a co-owner of the coop when it transitions into a worker member cooperative later in 2023.

Our network of pioneers and community pioneers join us on a monthly Q&A webinar and are involved with the decisions and growth of the coop, and are first to hear of opportunities on the horizon both paid and volunteer.

People Powered ~ Become one of the Team

Help Us Expand for Rewards

Growing our subscriber numbers and distribution network is key, and you can help us in several ways. We offer rewards for helping us grow more subscription customers, for becoming a Driver or Collection Point Coordinator, and for finding more pioneers who, like you, will become the backbone of our National Community Support Network.

You can secure points towards your boxes by helping us to grow our network.