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Farmacy Logistics Cooperative

Farmacy Co-op was launched in Bakewell in February 2020.  We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise that has a big vision – but has prioritised secure access to locally produced organic food & natural essential items.

This includes a people-owned distribution network that connects local communities all over the country.  We are helping to create local economic systems that provide food security, improve our health & wellbeing, regenerate our ecosystems and allow communities to thrive & that are resilient to any crisis.

Farmacy Co-op was launched in Bakewell in February 2020.  We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise that has a big vision – but has prioritised secure access to locally produced organic food & natural essential items.

One of the biggest drives behind the Farmacys’ work is to connect and empower communities.  With priority focus on our community pioneers we will provide the support and funding to help create community hub spaces.

These hubs will look different in each area as the members of the hubs will decide what services will be of most benefit to that area. Many hubs will have a packaging and distribution centre to process and deliver organic produce and essentials to their communities.

Many hubs will have a focus on natural health support, groups and activities around growing food and producing nutritionally supportive products. Some will have a focus on arts & crafts. All will offer a space for community members to come together and offer each other support and encouragement as we collectively build sustainable systems outside of the current outdated centralised, profit-driven systems.

Uniting Communities

Cooperative Community Hubs

Supporting Local Food Sovereignty

Community Cooperative Farms

Farmacy Co-op is focused on increasing access to organic local produce in many ways. As well as supporting our local farmers by purchasing their produce, we will be supporting community pioneer hubs in starting community cooperative farms.

We will support community pioneers with accessing land and the knowledge and resources they will need to start growing and providing for their own communities.

Our vision is to create the networks and logistical structures to connect countless farms, community farms and independent businesses to create a network of self-serving, self-sustaining independent market place offering secure access to all our basic needs.

We are creating a map of ethical and people-focused goods and services to not only help promote these solution-focused initiatives, but also to help develop community resilience by letting people know what’s available to them locally, providing us all with a robust network of options should global systems weaken any further.

Our primary focus is to promote food producers, but we also want to include independent businesses offering essentials, people offering health and wellness services, community support groups, and those offering training and education in our core areas of focus.
If you would like to help us develop this list and know of solution focused producers and businesses then please follow the link below and let us know.

Linking Communities

Local Services

People Powered ~ Become one of the Team

Help Us Expand for Rewards

Growing our subscriber numbers and distribution network is key, and you can help us in several ways. We offer rewards for helping us grow more subscription customers, for becoming a Driver or Collection Point Coordinator, and for finding more pioneers who, like you, will become the backbone of our National Community Support Network.

You can secure points towards your boxes by helping us to grow our network.

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Credits for Promoting Us

  • You can help promote the Farmacy’s services and vision in return for credits towards your box of choice. Enquire below to learn more on how to help grow awareness and customers in your area, and benefit from our reward schemes
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Credits for Volunteering

  • Growing our distribution capabilities is key, we offer rewards for volunteer drivers, packers and collection point coordinators. Enquire below if you’d like to learn more about becoming a point of positive contact in your community.
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Becoming a Pioneer

  • Many people have offered us support by becoming Pioneers & Community Pioneers in return for a range of privileges & discounts.  Learn more about becoming a Pioneer & owner members of future cooperatives in your area.

Power is in the People

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